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SA PA In A Landscape

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MARCEL DETTMANNの〈MDR〉からデビュー、〈GIEGLING〉のサブレーベル〈FORUM〉からアルバムをリリースしているSA PAが、LUC FERRARIから、NICOLAS JAARまでラインナップするロンドンの先鋭レーベル〈MANA〉からアルバムリリース。

2015年のデビューアルバム「風物詩[Fuubutsushi]」に続く2ndアルバム。「雨」「つば」「氷」「ネオン」「水銀」「電弧」「植物」「スチーム」「土」そして「塵」。これはSA PAからのドリーム・ミュージックです。テクノ、ダブ、アンビエントで描かれた、空想と創造力に富んだ、視覚的、詩的、アブストラクトなサウンドの豊かな領域を確立する。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A3.Melody Hop
B2.Rose Bay
B3.Slow Walk
C1.Room With A View
C2.Futurist Meets Cubist
D4.Deepwater Reprise

Rain, spit, ice, neon, mercury, arcing electricity, plants, steam, soil, and dust; this is dream music from Sa Pa. Following up on his 2015 debut 風物詩 [Fuubutsushi], In A Landscape provides rich content for fantasy and the fertile imagination, establishing a rich terrain of visual, poetic, and abstract sound that draws on techno and dub ambient.

Somewhere between pastoral impressionism and cyber-noir, its surface evokes the tensions of a fluctuating, fizzing atmosphere, pictures emerging and dissolving in the mind’s eye. Thick layers of field recording - some salvaged from a recorder lost in Bassiani during the police raid last year and recovered in January - flood tracks fabricated from erratic, oddly distanced rhythm.

The sensation whilst listening is not unlike hearing the world from a place within the body; swimming in the bloodstream, cutting through the turbulent landscape secure in a metal tube.

Or being over-exposed to lushly textured environments with the anatomy far receded; an out-of-body experience where subtler senses are heightened and the landscape begins to take on surreal qualities.



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