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DEREK CARR The Matter at Hand EP

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ベテランDEREK CARRによるアナログシンセ&リズムマシーンなハウス/テクノ・トラックス。

SIR LORD COMIXXやJAIME READやCASEY TUCKERといったデトロイトテクノの影響を受けたUKのアーチストをリリースしてきた〈FOR THOSE THAT KNOE〉や〈SUBWAX〉からリリースしている アイルランドのベテランDEREK CARRが〈JUST JACK〉から12インチリリース。JOSH WINKやLAURENT GARNIER, BILL BREWSTER, ARCHIE HAMILTON、COTTAMあたりも賞賛するリアル・テクノ。グッド・トラックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Matter At Handsample
A2.A Hundred Dreamssample

Just Jack are back with some dreamy analogue house from the incredible Derek Carr. A mix of blissed out Synths, and late night rumbles, all with one eye firmly on the dance-floor.

"I first became aware of Just Jack records a number of years ago, I was hooked on 'How I wish' by Beesmunt Soundsystem' and followed the label ever since, quality releases flowed.. when they made their interest known in my music and a possible release on the label I jumped at the chance. I'm extremely happy with how the e.p. has turned out. I really hope people enjoy it."

DJ Feedback:

Archie Hamilton - So good thanks!

Laurent Garnier - Great tracks -- will play for sure

Bill Brewster - Matter At Hand is excellent.

Josh Wink - Deep! I dig.

Mat Playford - Amazing stuff

Steve Heurta - Nice

Andrew Duke In The Mix (Cognition Audio) - Derek Carr never ceases to amaze.

Murray Richardson - Like this, luvly deepness :) ...the matter at hand is a beauty!

Jaye Ward - Ace!! all 3tracks have totally different flavours abstract Detroit heaviness through out though.. 100dreams is the one for me by a narrow margin!!

Dave Harvey - This is lovely as ever from Mr Carr! Is this Bristol's JJ?! If so good to see

Paul Cottam - QUALITY!!!!!!!



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