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BLISS INC. Radiant Reality

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アーチスト等に関して詳細を伏せられたリリースで、現行の音源なのか、90年代の音源なのかも明記されていない、ミステリアスなリリース。でもパワフル。めちゃ良い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Offensive Usernamesample
A2.Radiant Realitysample
B1.Outer Limitssample
B2.Lan Partysample

Have you ever experienced a sense of futility - we’ve all be through it at one point. Struggling for that new vital idea or solution to move forward?

We all have a tremendous reservoir of mental power waiting to be called forth. Its lies just beyond our surface thoughts, behind our thinking mind.

Inside the following material may lie the very answer you need to bring forth those thoughts and visions.

Both sides provide you with an experience like never before. Each side inspires and revitalizes. You’ll hear suggestions, affirmations, and a very real sense to “order your subconscious”. So listen again and again, share with friends and loved ones, as our inner strength grows, allowing the subconscious to WORK FOR YOU.

And remember, tru meditation is not idle thinking - or mere concentration which ties the mind to a fixed idea. It is a technique that opens channels to the full power of the mind and realization of self. Remember, you are IN FULL CONTROL.



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