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DERRICK MAY主宰〈TRANSMAT〉にエントリーを果たしたJON HESTERが、RADIO SLAVEの〈REKIDS〉に帰還!トランシーなリフとサンプルの応酬。破壊力のある4/4キックがまくし立てるレイブ/ハードテクノ4種!

NINA KRAVIZやTOBY TOBIASら数多くの名作を残す名門〈REKIDS〉から2作目のJON HESTER。オールドスクール・トランスなシンセとマッシブなキックの「Accelerator」や、数珠繋ぎしたヴォイスチョップの猛攻でロックする「Beatwave」など、フロアを堅固に押し切る4/4ハードテクノ。ミステリアスなヴォイスとシンセサイザーで滑らかなラインを描いた「Part 4」は、足早ピッチながらラグジュアリーなグルーヴを生成していて、これも良い。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Accelerator sample
A2. Beatwave sample
B1. Zoned sample
B2. Part 4 sample

Renowned techno artist Jon Hester returns to Rekids Special Projects with a thundering fourtrack release, aptly entitled ‘Momentum’.

Since his previous Rekids appearance, the Berlin-based Minneapolitan has continued delivering a steady stream of club ready cuts on labels like Transmat, LET and Deeply Rooted. Following a busy summer playing at the likes of Rex Club, Tresor and Hï Ibiza, Hester now returns to Radio Slave’s Rekids Special Projects techno imprint in fine form.

‘Accelerator’ opens with solid, overdriven kicks, deep chords, electrifying synth patterns and saturated claps followed by ‘Beatwave’ which features rhythm-led vocal sampling, upbeat Arp stabs and sparking cymbals. On the flip, ‘Zoned’ thunders with low-end frequencies, emphasised by a flying groove with snappy hats, subtle claves and white noise hits when to finalise ‘Part 4’ bounces with distant congas and tribal percussion, tight hi-hats, floating pads and a punchy kick.



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