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RENÉE Change Your Style

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レア・ディスコの再発にスポットしたPRINS THOMASによるレーベルNEPPAの第2弾! オランダ産ディスコロックRENÉEの「Change Your Style」。

南アフリカ産ブギー86年のDON LAKAの「Stages Of Love」に続いてオランダのレゲエなテイストが入ったディスコロック、RENÉE「Change Your Style」。割と安いディスコポップのシングルB-メイン曲でかつてAbel NagengastもリディットしたりFriendly FiresがLate Niggt Talesに収録したりしている隠れ名曲。PRINS THOMASがビート感やブレイク等々も組み換えた5分半弱にエクステンデッド・エディット。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Change your stylesample
B.Change your style (Prins Thomas edit)sample

In 1980, dutch outfit Renée came out with the album “Reaching for the sky". It`s made of delicate pop-songs, with lovely little hooks and ice cold guitars. From songs that sounds almost ABBA, to more Reggae-sounding stuff, and avant pop. In the middle of it all you`ll find Anja Nodelijks hypnotic voice.
The albums highlight is the song “Change your style", already a semi-classic on the Balearic scene. The song can probably be described as “wonky pop funk", with a twist. On the A-side you get the original. On the B-side Prins Thomas has stretched the greater parts, giving the song the length it probably deserves. Almost six minutes of bliss.
Renées “Change your style” is the second release by norwegian label Neppå. This piece of music has never been presented like this before, with the song cut over a whole side of 12″ vinyl. The music is remastered, and licensed from CNR entertainment.

Second release for Neppå, Oslobased label focusing on lost and overseen recordings.
Edit by Prins Thomas, recording artist for Smalltown Supersound and labelowner of Full Pupp, Internasjonal, Rett i fletta and Prins Thomas Musikk.



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