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ロンドンを拠点にLOW-FI HOUSE以降のコネクションを広げるFEDE LNG主宰の〈AXE TRAXX〉新作は、ブラジルZOPELAR aka MY GIRLFRIENDとMAX GRAEF, GKENN ASTROたちのレーベルからもリリースしているBROTHERMARTINOの12スプリット!ZOPELAR ばっちり良い、そしてBROTHERMARTINOもはじめてビビっときました。絶妙なねじれ。グッド。レフトフィールドなブロークンビート?「Thamis」とともに推薦。

A-SIDEは、リオ・デ・ジャネイロの40% FODA/MANEIRISSIMOをはじめSOUL CLAP周辺からもリリース、My Girlfriend名義ではこのAXE TRAXXにもリミックスで参加、APRON等にも音源を残しているブラジル出身のハードウェアファンク、ZOPELAR。導入的なビートレス・シンセサイザー開かれていくサウンドのa1を序章に、RAWなエレクトロ、ハウス、最高な二曲。B-SIDEの BROTHERMARTINOもシンセサイザー、音響的なシンセサイザーアンビエンスにミッドテンポなA1に、イリュージョニックなハウス、アンビエントの三曲。どちらも素晴らしい! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Zopelar  - Fimsample
A2.Zopelar  - Funky Junosample
A3.Zopelar  - Thamissample
B1.Brothermartino  - For 8 freakin' hourssample
B2.Brothermartino  - Dem Type Starssample
B3.Brothermartino  - We all love people who diesample

London’s Axe On Wax Records have been coordinating a quality stream of house since 2014, a trend that continues with their latest release from Zopelar vs Brothermartino. Creating a fraternal connection between Brazil and Italy, these are six tracks of woozy, charismatic house funk of the finest pedigree.

Zopelar - one half of Apron Records associates My Girlfriend - takes the first-side easing in with 'Fin', a starry-eyed and expansive instrumental that let us know immediately what his synths can do. Taking this shimmering sound, he adds distinct pressure funk on the bubbling, West Coast groove of the tellingly titled, ‘Funky Juno’, which delights with sensual vocoder and tough drums. ‘Thamis’ is left to take things in a more psychedelic direction, with Zopelar pushing his studio into fizzy, almost anti-gravitational territory.

On the flip, Brothermartino (Slices Of A Dog / Money $ex Records) establishes a sensual atmosphere with the lo-slung slap of ‘For 8 Freakin' Hours’, followed by ‘Dem Type Stars’, which stretches out the acidic funk, creating wormholes of spectral grooves. The release closes with the warm and nostalgic ‘We All Love People Who Die’, a cool, beatless interjection loaded with the charm of a cult film soundtrack.



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