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YOUTH STAND UP Youth Stand United

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OPTIMOプロデュースのアフロvsグラスゴーなクロスカルチャー企画。アフロ音楽やそれにインスパイアされたトラックを紹介するレーベルとしてスタートしたJD Twitch主催Autonomous Africaの新作!!!!!!!

アフリカはガーナとベリーズの現行ミュージシャンをフィーチャー、トラックはGolden Teacher, Pu$$y Mothers, Whilst, Kaputt, and Sordid Sound Systemといったグラスゴー軍団。いずれも、RAでも記事になったグラスゴーのD.I.YスタジオThe Green Door StudioとガーナのスタジオでREC。アフロ音楽とグラスゴー伝統のポストパンクのマインドが合致したという、Voodoohopのトーマッシュが影響されたというオプティモ周辺のエスニックテクノのひんやりアシッドな下地はそこかということで、ロンドンやブリストルのエスノミュージックへのアプローチとの違いも面白い。個人的にはBPM108のアフロ・コズミックなLet's Go(sample2)、ナイジェリアのJUJUxエレクトロなGidi(B1)、ジョーミークmeets Willam OnyeaborなNobody Knows(B3)、いずれもアフロ音楽をマッドにドラッギー料理しかつ使えて抜けの良い6曲。これは素晴らしい未来トラックス!!!!!売り揚げは全てガーナの都市Tafi Atomeの音楽学校の奨学金になるそうです。 (Shhhhh)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.Let's Gosample
B2.United We Standsample
B3.Nobody Knowssample

In 2015, Optimo’s Autonomous Africa label released Youth Stand Up!, a triangular recording project hatched at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio that brought together young musicians from Belize, Ghana and Glasgow for ten tracks of cross-cultural collaboration. The result was an infectious cocktail of traditional Caribbean and West African rhythms, hip hop, highlife and Glaswegian post-punk, featuring contributions from Optimo Music regulars Golden Teacher and Whilst, among others.

The proceeds from that project went directly back to the youth groups in Ghana and Belize, helping the musicians from Ghana’s Tafi Cultural Institute build a recording studio and performance space in their village.

Two years later, a grant from Creative Scotland’s Open Fund spawned the sequel to Youth Stand Up!: Youth Stand United, recorded both at Green Door and at TCI’s new studio in Ghana (with Golden Teacher’s Laurie Pitt at the controls), and mixed by Green Door’s Stuart and Emily Evans.

Youth Stand United features backing tracks contributed by members of Golden Teacher, Pu$$y Mothers, Whilst, Kaputt, and Sordid Sound System, with vocals provided by the musicians from TCI. Over 6 songs, it oscillates from the left-field disco of Diloeshutubui to the Juju-electro odyssey of Gidi to the Joe-Meek-meets-William Onyeabor space age gospel pop of Nobody Knows.

Proceeds from Youth Stand United will go towards a scholarship fund for musicians from Tafi Atome, Ghana.



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