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ブリストル、〈HAPPY SKULL〉主宰のSEAN KELLYがスタートしたニューレーベル〈GHOST PHONE〉の第2弾、ショートしましたが入荷できました!

BEN UFOプレイも話題となり即売となった前作(再入荷無し)に続き、R&Bサンプルとブロークンリズムを多用したトラップ/UKガラージ。今作も抜群の鳴り、少量ですのでお早めに! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.UNKNOWN ARTIST - Mais Que Amorsample
A2.UNKNOWN ARTIST - Ride With Mesample
B1.UNKNOWN ARTIST - Ize Kashmirsample
B2.UNKNOWN ARTIST - Ize Kashmir Dubsample

Ghost Phone dials in four late night R&G edits for the playas following a well received, sought-after debut.

Up top they hit a real R&B über classique on the downstroke with filter trickery and retuned rimshots, before stepping it up with frisky 2-step play hot on the striking chords in ‘Ride With Me’, and really swinging it on the offbeat with the hair-kissing funk of ‘Ize Kashmir’ in its pendulous OG and deliciously knackered dub mixes on the B-side. Fans of everything from Actress, Lukid, Huerco S to Burial, Rabit's Screw Tapes and Cooly G need to peep these.



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