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METRO AREAのDARSHAN JESRANIとのユニット・SIRENや、LIQUID LIQUIDのヴォーカリスト・SAL PとのTHE VISITORSなどのプロジェクトでも知られる、NYのプロデューサー・CITIZEN KANEが仕掛けるリエディット・レーベル<LESDK>の第1弾リリース!

SAM & DAVEのバックバンドとして結成された、ロスアンジェルスの大所帯グループ・L.T.D.(=LOVE, TOGETHERNESS AND DEVOTION)のによるパーティ賛歌"It’s Time To Be Real"のエディット”Real”(sample1)、TOWANA & THE TOTAL DESTRUCTIONのリードヴォーカリストとして知る人ぞ知るノーザンソウル系女性シンガー・TY KARIMの'80年産のメガレア7インチ”Catch Action”をユースフルに捌いた”Action”(sample2)も珠玉の仕上がり!IDJUT BOYSもフェイバリットの”Mindless Boogie”やMOODYMANNもプレイしていた”Night Tide”も人気のUKの混色ディスコグループ・HOT CHOCOLATEによる”Going Through The Motion”のリエディット”Motion”(sample3)含む、全3トラック! (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting


From the people who brought you Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town comes a new imprint LESDK.

Bringing back that NYC Lower East Side grime, LESDK will feature edits as well as new work from Dennis Kane and his circle of proper low-lifes...
Ghost Town and Disques Sinthomme featured contributions from Brennan Green, Richard Sen, The Beat Broker, Bicep, Jose Manuel, and Cosmic Metal Mother, as well as edit monsters like Jeff 'The Drunk' Overton and Cazbee.
Kane will be helming this label, curating work and providing his own productions and remixes.


Starts off side A with 'Real' - A soulful disco romp that has a gospel force as well as a powerful vocal performance. The song grooves from its first beat, and pushes the energy as it builds.
"Now it's time to be real..." Edit as manifesto - Pure heat!
The edit work here comes from one of the OG's of serious digging, Senior Reyes aka Jersey Pete.

Side B brings 'Action' as its first track, complementing the A Side, this is some dirty late night Philadelphia bar nastiness, mentholated disco with a humid female vocal, "I like to party, I like to flirt..."
Side B closes out with 'Motion', a slice of cosmic funkiness that laments a love that is not happening while a thick bassline moves the proceedings along.
This song has heartbreak and the haze of an early morning on the dancefloor.

Three essential edits for the DJ to bless the party people with.

Dennis Kane is a DJ and producer based in NYC, he has run the Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town labels and is also a partner in the recording group SIREN, (with Darshan Jesrani) on Compost records.
Kane has produced numerous tracks and done remix work for Cantoma, Liz Torres, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, and Hokis Pokis among others.
He has been a DJ in NYC since the mid 90's holding down numerous residencies and touring worldwide.



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