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DJ、レーベル・プロデューサーとしても活躍している彼女の自身のリリースとしては7年ぶりとなるEP。時間軸を歪ませ疾走するエレクトロ、ブレイクビーツテクノの「N_1」筆頭に、フロア機能高いテクノ・トラックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. N_1 sample
A2. N_2 sample
B1. N_3 sample
B2. N_4 sample

As one journey nears its end, another one is just starting. After the final release of her Propaganda label Nastia is back with a new imprint - NECHTO. After putting out a modest, but powerful catalogue of vinyl collector's exclusives, Nastia decided to focus more on dancefloor techno music.

The first installment in NECHTO catalogue is a perfect example of the concept - four track juicy techno EP from an undisclosed artist. From dreamy pads of N_1 that start the trip, through hypnotized and trance-like states of N_2 and N_3 to tense groove of N_4 the author takes no prisoners and delivers crisp, rich sounding collection of tracks that will light up every party.

A solid piece of work from the artist who's name will purposely remain a mystery. This is about music. So go order a copy now and dance to the sounds of NECHTO!



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