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GOLDEN BUG & IN FIELDS Vibrations Métalliques

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GOMMAや、IVAN SMAGGHEのLES DISQUES DE LA MORT等や自身のLA BELLEでリリースを重ね、昨年はMULTI CULTIもリリースしたエレクトロ/レフトフィールド・シンセ・ファンク、GOLDEN BUGのニューニューアルバム。LA BELLEファミリーIN FIELDSとのダブルネーム。

SLOW HOUSE、DOWNTEMPOサイケデリア。スエーデンのHÖGA NORD REKORDSからのアルバム・リリース。メンタル・ミュージック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Vibrations Métalliques (1:02)sample
A2.Blind (3:41)sample
A3.Ground (6:27)sample
A4.Dust (4:56)sample
A5.Breath (6:19)sample
B1.Bones (4:29)sample
B2.Lungs (5:12)sample
B3.Smack (4:20)sample
B4.Blades (3:50)sample

Inviting slow disco and spaced out ambient characterizes this new material from Golden Bug and In Fields on their collaboration-album ”Vibration Métallique”. Golden Bugs kind of extrovert and electronic sound is recognizable from his previous 7” release on Höga Nord Rekords and together with In Fields it gets dressed in a fluffier costume. This album is the result of two persons with tons of respect for one another musically, two musicians who have been floating past and sometimes in two each others projects for the last couple of years.

Their musical roots In ”Leftfield land” intertwine and reaches up above ground, connecting to different musical stems and holds together the sound; like sightseeing in a familiar town this album has outer limits but as unpredictable as the city can be, this record surprises you from one track to the other. The album has a springtime feel to it in all its’ brightness, but suddenly it shifts shape in a song like ”Lush”, picked straight from the factory floor.

This album is both a standoff and a board meeting in electronic music. Golden Bugs metallic excentricity meeting with In Fields darkness and live feel creates an unpredictability and the music goes on an exploratory trip far away!



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