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フレンチエレクトロ・ディスコデュオ"IL EST VILAINE"であり、〈CROSSTOWN〉や〈BATTLE〉から出しているSIMON SAYSがセカンド・ソロアルバムをリリース!バレアリック〜AORのテクスチュアをシンセポップに落とし込んだ快作!LINDSTROMも参加するディスコ処〈DIALECT〉より。

〈LUMIERE NOIRE〉主宰であるCHLOÉらと共鳴しながらフレンチ・ディスコシーンで活躍するSIMON LE ROYのニューアルバム!全編に渡り仏語ヴォーカルをフィーチャー。その柔らかな発語と仏メランコリーなメロディメイクがシンクロしたフレンチ/エレポップ。シーサイドな清涼感に溢れるAORブギー「Holbox」(sample1)や、ディレイで揺らめくヴォーカルやセンチな旋律に掴まれる「Une Nuit feat. Sofia Fanego」(sample2)など、80年代メロウを彷彿。 (Akie)

Trax Magazine : Album of the month / December issue

Second LP of the founding member of french electronic duo Il Est Vilaine : synth-pop, balearic, featuring Nico Motte from Antinote on synthetizers

Producers like Simon Says are rare these days. Imagine a kid born in the first parisian rave era, who played guitar during the week, the head in the sky with diamonds and raving around Paris on saturday night. Leather boots and Techno, with attitude. These school of hard knocks was helpful for Simon : more than twenty years after the beginning of his electronic journey, he’s still able to play an edgy techno-set or some tunes to make the girls dance on the floor. Knives or flowers, heavy rhythms and tropical kisses… Between groovy oddballs records released on Dialect Recordings and his Il Est Vilaine side-project duo, Simon can talk to everyone.

His first album, ” Epoca Blu “, 10 tracks as introspective as much solar, sing in different languages by several voices (Manthos Kaloumenos who recite the words of a famous greek poet on ” Taxidi “, Sofia Fanego on ” Une Nuit “, Natalia Modenova who say a Ukrainian text from Myhailo Kotsiubynsky on ” Intermezzo ” or his partner from Il Est Vilaine on ” Djinn Tonic “) present a consistent project with a positive melancholy and bittersweet vision of love.

The intimate’s project assembled in a studio will not be presented in live. Music will be the link between the audience and the artist.



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