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D.Y.A & KALYMA Operator II

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フィールドレコーディングと多種民族打楽器を組み合わせたスローバレアリックダンスのB2「Casino Lunch Break」(sample1)はぜひ一聴願いたい名作!ベルリン〈SOLIDE〉から、共にオーナーを務めるD.Y.AとKALYMAがコラボレーションEP!

〈FOUL & SUNK〉〈OYE EDITS〉からもリリースするD.Y.Aと〈CONNECTED〉から出しているKALYMA、個々人でも活躍する両者の2回目の共同ワーク!バウンスする電化ベースとトロピカルなシンセワークを組み合わせ、80年代ディスコとバレアリックハウスをクロスさせた「Operator II」(sample2)と、ファンキーなシンセ&ベースにノリの良いブレイクスが噛み合った「A Gardener's Perspective」(sample3)。やはりおすすめはチル・トライバルダンス「Casino Lunch Break」(sample1)、ベルパーカッションのドリーミーな反響がアフターアワーを彩る美しい一曲。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Operator II
B1.A Gardener's Perspective
B2.Casino Lunch Break

After lasts years beloved Operator release, SOLIDE returns with the second part, again by label head honchos D.Y.A and Kalyma.

With this current release, they take heed of a well known principle that has been brought upon us by the Hollywood film industry - any thrilling, perfectly executed and audience approved production needs to get a sequel. So, the curtain raises now for Operator II, a tune instantly reminiscent of its predecessor in beat architecture and kalimba arrangement, yet thought through with even more sophistication and sensitivity.

A Gardener's Perspective pursues that same kind of vibe, coming along with slight Electro-borrowings and cocooning synth-harmonies, climaxing in an masterly organ solo that has soul and devotion to sound written all over it.
Yet another tune that doesn't even have to conform with peaktime arithmetics to send whole floors into frenzy, no matter what time of the night it might be.

Closing things off it's Casino Lunch Break, another strongly vibing and very tribal affair radiating afterhour qualities, ending another more than solid offering on Solide on a high note.



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