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オンライン・マガジンRANSOM NOTEのレーベルのメインアーチストBAWRUTがDJ TENNISのLIFE AND DEATHから。クレイジーシンセサイザー・ダンス。

RED AXESやMOSCOMAN、MARVIN & GUYなどのリリースで近年新たな展開を見せているイタリアのDJ TENNISのLIFE AND DEATHから、マドリッドのBAWRUTの新作。アフリカン・エレクトロKWAITO、DJ MAUVAあたり以降のフリーキーなシンセサイザー・サウンドのダンス・トラック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

B2.Drum Beat

Kicking off 2020 in style, Life And Death welcome Madrid based groove maker Bawrut for some of his distinctly off kilter brilliance.
Italy born Bawrut makes warm, heartfelt electronic music that crosses the musical spectrum, doing so with a true left of centre perspective. He imbues his productions with weird and wonderful sounds and an exquisite sense of craft that make them both unusual and engaging. He has done so on the likes of his own Silencio label as well as Ransom Note and PETS Recordings and has become a mainstay of the DJ circuit as a result. Next to high profile shows at places like Nuit Sonores he has also toured as far afield as Vietnam, and here he brings some worldly perspective to this latest for DJ Tennis’ always cultured label, Life And Death.
First up is ‘Rollin'’, almost ten minutes of synth based excellence that takes you on a real sonic adventure. The drums are firmly rooted and hypnotic while the various pads up top unfold like aural fireworks. It’s a tense track that never lets up and keeps you locked for the epic duration. Equally fantastic is ‘Terza’ with its twisted, tortured synth lines and vocal yelps all bringing real drama to the deep and rolling drums. It’s a turbulent track to bring real edginess to the club. Lastly, the grinding ‘Drum Beat’ has a menacing bassline and tribal vocal stabs cut up with rave sirens. It’s a sweaty, strobe lit monster that takes you to the heart of the dance floor.
These are three perfectly slow-release but high impact tracks from this ever more vital talent.



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