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SHAUN REEVES & TUCCILLO Fill Callings EP (incl. Floog Remix)

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<RAUM...MUSIK>からデヴューした<VISIONQUEST>クルーの一員・SHAUN REEVESと、ジャンルレスに支持の厚いイタリアのベテラン・TUCCILLOによるパーマネントなコラヴォレーション・タッグが、ロンドンのARCHIE HAMILTON率いる<MOSCOW>に参戦!

粒子の空間、研ぎ澄まされ選ぐられたエフェクト〜ダビーで抑制されたテンションでじっくり展開していくオリジナル”Fill Callings”(sample1)や”Chaboi”(sample2)はベテランの渋みあるウォームアップ・ツール◎注目は、ルーマニアのベテラン・デュオ・LIVIO & ROBYの第3のパートナーとして知られるGEORGE Gによるソロプロジェクト・FLOOGが手掛けた、マッシヴなベースグルーヴにフラクタルな多幸感を注入しオープンエアーな解放感へ導かれるリミックス・ワーク”Fill Callings (Floog Remix)”(sample3)を要チェック! (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Fill Callings sample
A2. Chaboi sample
B1. Fill Callings (Floog Remix) sample
B2. Anak sample

Frequent collaborators Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo team up on Archie Hamilton’s Moscow Recordings, bringing three intricate cuts plus a remix from Premiesku member Floog.

Both artists have been releasing music for over a decade with Tuccillo making appearances on Inermu, Holic Trax, Djebali and 8bit, whilst Reeves initially burst onto the scene via Raum…music and Wolf + Lamb before co-founding Visionquest where he still continues to release the bulk of his work. That label is also where the pair initially joined forces and, aside from an outing on One Records and Shantu, where the two have consistently collaborated. Following the release of Archie Hamilton’s debut album, Reeves and Tuccillo now join Moscow Recordings alongside artists like Argy, Noha, Mennie and Floog.

Meandering onwards, ‘Fill Callings’ is a deep and dubby cut with pulsating bass, skipping hats and metallic whirrs. Next, ‘Chaboi’ ups the tempo, implementing a compelling groove whilst deep chords are joined by various tiny elements that pan throughout the mix, leading into ‘Anak’ – a stripped back number with a mean bassline, crystalline stabs and murmuring vocals. On remix duties, Romanian producer Floog adds extra thud to ‘Fill Callings’ courtesy of pronounced kicks and a reverbing snare that drives the track forward whilst a combination of distorted effects squelch and rattle.



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