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CARLOS NIÑO & FRIENDS Bliss On Dear Oneness

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ニューエイジ、ジャズ、スピリチュアルサウンド。ゾーンを開く。L.A.のキーマンCARLOS NIÑOが〈LEAVING RECORDS〉からのニューアルバム「Bliss On Dear Oneness」のアナログカット!DMT、NEW AGEの到達点。

ニューエイジミュージックと呼ばれた、スピリチュアル・ミュージックの両巨人LARAAJIとIASOSのレジェンドを筆頭に、〈SACRED SUMMITS〉や〈MR BONGO〉から再発されたことでも知られるメキシコの実験的で、霊的な民族音楽のレジェンドLUIS PEREZ、CARLOS NINOプロデュースでのアルバムも話題を呼んだピアニストJAMAEL DEANとインド系の血を引くシンガーのSHARADA SHASHIDHAR、JAMIRE WILLIAMSとSAM GENDELとのトリオ、PHOTOY、そして盟友 MIGUEL ATWOOD-FERGUSONたちとの録音。ラストの「Baawdoobipp 032215 」には, MARK DE CLIVE-LOWE 、DEXTER STORYやKAMASHI WASINONの名も。ディープに潜り込む音のヴィジョン、世界。トライすべきでしょう。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.Pulsating (with Laraaji, Jamael Dean and Sharada Shashidhar) (6:05)sample
2.NewOcean (Duet with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) (7:52)sample
3.Ojai CBD 072918 (Trio with Jamire Williams and Sam Gendel) (7:51)sample
SIDE.B (7:51)
4.Forest Pulse (with Laraaji and Photay) (3:57)
5.Reverbechosystem (with Iasos) (5:40)sample
6.Baawdoobipp 032215 (5:02)

Bliss On Dear Oneness is Spiritual Improvisational / Space Collage Music, full of live performance, excerpted and sampled live performance, and layers of over dubbed, mixed and effected sound energy. This is energy, expression, flow Music - played, collected, directed and produced by Carlos Niño, was made with his Friends, among the people he is closest with.

When Producing Laraaji's Bring On The Sun in 2017,
Niño received an e-mail from his Orangeness that closed
with the words "Bliss On Dear Oneness" - Niño asked Laraaji
if he could use that vision / affirmation as the title for his
next & Friends record. The answer was Yes!

This is the 6th release in an on-going series of highly
collaborative musical explorations that started in 2009.



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