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PEGGY GOUをフィーチャリングしたエレクトロニック・ユニークサウンド・プロダクション。MAURICE FULTONらしいビート&グルーヴを保ちながら疾走、イリュージョニックなシンセやサイレンであおるアップリフトなダンストラック「Jigoo」。フリーキーなドラム・ファンク、ブレイクビーツ「Not Sure How I Would」、パーカッションのレイヤーと電子音のダブファンク「One Itself」もユニーク! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou - Jigoosample
B1.Maurice Fulton - Not Sure How I Wouldsample
B2.Maurice Fulton - One Itselfsample

Following its 2019 launch with Peggy Gou's ‘Moment’ EP and a follow up 12" from DMX Krew, Gudu Records continues its journey with one of the true heroes of the underground, Maurice Fulton. Consisting of three diverse tracks, the ‘Earth’ EP captures a shared love of esoteric experiments in house, disco and funk, delivering a different flavour with each cut.

The EP opens with a collaboration between Fulton and label founder Peggy Gou: ‘Jigoo’ is the sound of both artists in full swing, combining a rolling, infectious bassline with the sort of joyous chords that have won Gou's previous productions quite so much play. Vintage Chicago house drum work drives the track forward, while a series of psychedelic breakdowns combine to create another understated club anthem in waiting.

On the B side, ‘Not Sure How I Would’ may offer the perfect introduction for those yet to have fully immersed themselves in Fulton's wonderful back catalogue. A chugging bassline, live drums and guitar plus a barrage of effects invite listeners into a hugely accomplished, utterly unpredictable dancefloor space, one primed to invite full-scale freakouts for heads-down crowds.

Finally, ‘One Itself’ provides the most understated moment on Gudu thus far. Slowly and surely bubbling, yet more raw percussion intertwines wildly with fizzy, analogue manipulations, Fulton engineers a veritable pressure-cooker of slo-mo rave euphoria that could once again leave a dancefloor spinning on its collective head.



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