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UNPERSON The Ghosts That Gave EP

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ロンドンのサウンドシウテム、レイヴ・カルチャーのスピリットからの影響を反映する、NEGATIVE SPACE[MA]のUNPERSONの新作12インチ。

ブリストルのONLY RUINSからリリースしてきたロンドンのUNPERSONがNEGATIVE SPACE [MA]からシングルリリース。アンビエント、オールドスクール・ブレイクビーツ、UK FUNKY、FOOTWORK等が交錯する洗練されたエレクトロニック。リーズののBROTHERHOOD SOUND SYSTEM周辺やDEXTのTROY GUNNERあたりとも繋がるネクスト・ジェネレーション。かっこいい。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Before We Melt Backsample
A2.Material Pointsample
A3.Things Just Happensample
B1.No Longer, Not Yetsample
B2.Now And Thensample
B3.Cracked Teethsample

unperson’s forthcoming ‘The Ghosts That Gave’ EP will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl via Negative Space [Ma], kick-starting a new chapter for the enigmatic producer as he glides between ambient, techno, breakbeat, footwork and UK funky with unquestionable prowess across 6 varied but inter-woven tracks.

The EP is framed around the concept of juxtaposing moments of euphoria and melancholy found within club music, delicately expressing intricate textures and emotion for the quiet corners whilst maintaining a dance-floor sensibility.

“Ultimately, I wanted to build a body of work that explores and extends upon various corners of the Harcore Continuum. Through the juxtaposition of fleeting moments of euphoria scattered amongst twisted, melancholic soundscapes, I aimed to express fluctuating emotions which denote the spirit and energy of the club/UK sound-system culture”. unperson



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