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仏〈LUMIÈRE NOIRE〉より、THOMASS JACKSON,THEUS MAGO,KRIKORなど、レフトフィールドな才能が14名も参加したレーベルコンピレーション!トライバル〜ウェイヴ、エレクトロ二クス,,,フロアカットから実験音楽まで広域なサウンドを、”芸術的卓越性と電子的美学”というレーベルポリシーの元で集結。

DJ活動に加え、〈BPITCH CONTROL〉〈LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON〉に作品を残し、地下エレクトロミュージックシーンにおいて厚い信頼を得てきた本レーベル主宰者CHLOÉが監修したレーベルコンピ第2弾!DOUGLAS GREEDといったベテラン勢だけではなく、ミステリアスな新鋭も多くフックアップした今作。KRIKORによる瞑想エレクトロニクスもあれば、THEUS MAGOによるEBMなオルタネティブディスコもあったり、用途・楽しみ方に幅を持たせた良質コンピ。トラックリストかもぜひ! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Marc Melià - Permanent Waves (04:26)sample
A2.Pletnev - Marc O’Polo (06:31)sample
A3.Douglas Greed - Vancouver (04:11)sample
A4.Middle Sky Boom - Missing Drive (05:13)sample
B1.Thomass Jackson - Mithra (07:07)sample
B2.Goldmoon - Bells (04:08)sample
B3.Krikor - Sally Hardesty (05:34)sample
C1.Morgan Blanc - Werde Der Du Bist (04:52)sample
C2.Cora Novoa - Virtual Aesthetics (04:35)sample
C3.NSDOS - AL-G (05:43)sample
C4.Rebeka Warrior - Ich Komme Zurück (04:49)sample
D1.Theus Mago - Idealistic Stone (07:33)sample
D2.The Populists - Prehistoric Lemurs (05:19)sample
D3.Acid Love Triangle - Instant Track (06:42)sample

Back in 2018, Lumière Noire celebrated its first anniversary with a compilation featuring thirteen exclusive tracks by an eclectic group of electronic musicians – a family portrait of sorts. A few months later, a second volume of From Above, compiled by the label’s artistic director (and DJ) Chloé, once more brings thirteen established acts together with promising upstarts. The first compilation was the embodiment of the label policy advocating for both artistic excellence and a widening of electronic aesthetics – bopping from deviant house music to adventurous IDM and to the rigor of dancefloor techno, among other electronic explorations. Some of the artists featured are now closely associated with Lumière Noire, while others were more established performers such as Benedikt Frey, Lauer, Jonathan Fitoussi, Il Est Vilaine, Dave e Brun (half of Swayzak) and Frank Agrario, as well as upcoming artists such as C O N T R A (a side project by none other than Iñigo Vontier), Sutja Gutierrez, Théo Muller, Markus Gibb, Bajram Bili, and a sprinkling of UFOs circling the genre (Suuns’ Ben Shemie, Drvg Cvltvre, and electro-acoustic combo Lumi). This group photo laid down a number of paths for a label in perpetual evolution.

Since then, the Parisian entity has continued to grow withi



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