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UNKNOWN Marilyn (Vinyl Only, Ltd To 150 Copies)

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LAURENT GARNIER, MARCEL DETTMANN, ELENA COLOMBI, MACHINE WOMANら名だたるDJがプレイしてきたミステリアスレーベル〈MASK〉の新作をストック!凶悪にエレクトライズされたベースライン、対照するように跳ねさせたパーカッションで踊らせるAサイド(sample1)は約13分の長尺(カウベルの味付けなどがずるい)。そしてBサイド(sample2)ではSI-FIな電子音も起用、テッキーな仕上がり。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

Mysterious Berlin label MASK return in 2020 with a vinyl only release consisting of a pair of raw cuts entitled ‘Marilyn’. MASK preserve their esoteric philosophy of delivering well-crafted, modulated house and techno cuts produced on hardware equipment and ‘Marilyn’ certainly follows suit. MASK releases are the result of anonymous artists live jamming together in unison with the first five releases picking up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Elena Colombi, Machine Woman and many more. The A side is 13-minute voyage featuring fluttering, resonant drums, lo-fi synth stabs and growling oscillations that take the focus in the later stages while on the B side sweeping pads, spacey undertones and squelchy, acid soaked sci-fi elements keep the sonical experience obscure yet fascinating throughout. Unknown ‘Marilyn’ drops on MASK in February 2020.



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