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AXEL BOMAN Eyes Of My Mind

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AXEL BOMAN、MULE MUSIQアルバム以来、シングルとしては約3年ぶりの新作!

浮遊する電子音ととコーラス。ブレイクビート。すでにマスターピースを予感させる歌物です!歌詞は、20/20 VISIONという50年代のブルーグラス、カントリーの名曲から取られたものだそう。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Eyes Of My Mind sample
B1.Echoes Of My Mindsample

Axel Boman's Eyes Of My Mind is part world-unifying house music psychedelia anthem, part collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk. As so often the case with Boman’s home label Studio Barnhus, the process leading up to the release happened naturally, among friends.
Axel’s initial sketch (made during sessions at Future Classic Studios in LA) was sent to his good friend, long-time Studio Barnhus associate Malin Gabriella Nordin, who found herself obsessed with the track’s twirling drums, softly flowing melodics, big booya bass and mind-expanding message.
The Stockholm-based visual artist put the track on loop, started drawing and painting to sound and wouldn't quit until 455 individual works lay before her. These images were then animated to create the video version of Eyes Of My Mind - they will also be exhibited at Stockholm gallery Steinsland Berliner in the year of our lord 2020, with kind support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. A print magazine featuring 44 of the drawings is also available in limited edition. The magazine and the vinyl single's artwork were designed by Robin Ekemark, another regular contributor to the visual world of Studio Barnhus.
The video version of Eyes Of My Mind will be available through Studio Barnhus' YouTube channel from March 27, with a full digital single release on and on Spotify happening the same day. A full colour artwork vinyl 12′’ will be available from April 10, with the opening date for the exhibition at Steinsland Berliner still TBA.



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