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THEUS MAGO Apache Nights (Inc. Chicken Lips Remix)

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アメリカン・インディアなトライバリズム、神秘、マジカルなエレクトロ・サウンド・トリップ。活動再開したCHICKEN LIPSとMULTI CULTIにも合流するアルゼンチンのCALIPSO RECORDS、Thomass Jacksonが参加!

FEINES TIERからのEPもベストセラー中のメキシコのレフトフィールド・エレクトロ、THEUS MAGOがFUTUREBOOGIE RECORDINGSから12インチリリース。TURBOやKILL THE DJ等からもリリースする MATEO GONZÁLEZ aka BUFI。アメリカン・インディアなトライバリズム、神秘、マジカルなエレクトロ・サウンド・トリップ。CHICKEN LIPSのリミックスもあとライバル、ミステリアスなトランス、エレクトロ。すごい世界です。B2ではTHOMASS JACKSONをフィーチャリングしてます。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Apache Nightssample
A2.Apache Nights (A Chicken Lips Malfunction)sample
B1.Piu Mossosample
B2.Sergio Ramos (w/ Thomass Jackson)sample


Theus Mago serves up a hypnotising triplet of tracks on the ‘Apache Nights’ EP for Dave Harvey’s Futureboogie, each cut brimming with psychedelic tendencies and an assured chugging pace, and British stalwarts, Chicken Lips, are on hand with a tantalising remix.

Hailing from Mexico, Theus Mago may also be familiar to many as the man behind Bufi, and across both aliases, has released singles and albums for the likes of Electrique Music, Turbo, Roam Recordings, and his own Duro imprint.

‘Apache Nights’ is built upon an irresistible booming dudwise b-line and tight and lively rhythm section, as esoteric melodies and trippy samples & tones pan across the sound board. British duo, Chicken Lips, have admirably served many year’s service in the alt.disco genre, and alongside their ground- breaking productions on Kingsize and Azuli, are probably more renowned for the raft of remixes turned in over the years for everyone from Newcleus to Simian Mobile Disco, Ladyhawke to Tiga, Ennio Morricone to Soul Mekanik. For their ‘Chicken Lips Malfunction’ of ‘Apache Nights’, we’re slapped around the chops with a gargantuan nine-minute night ride! ‘Piu Mosso’ jumps on board the magic carpet for a transcendental journey, whilst ‘Sergio Ramos’ has Theus teaming up with Thomass Jackson (Gomma/Calypso Records) for a raw and minimal workout, brain scrambling
sonics and a contagious groove that closes this exceptional release.



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