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PRINCE BUSTER Roll On Charles Street - 20 Buster's Fabulous Ska

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大阪ヴィンテージ・レゲエの名店DRUM & BASS RECORDSのレーベル〈ROCK A SHACKA〉から、キング・オブ・スカ、プリンス・バスターの秘蔵のレア音源がリリースされました!レゲエ研究の第1人者STEVE BARROWが英語版解説を手掛けてます。

▼ Tracklisting

A3.ROLAND ALPHONSO - Roll On Charles Streetsample
A4.RAYMOND HARPER - Raining Outsidesample
A5.ROLAND ALPHONSO - Almost Like Being In Lovesample
B1.PRINCE BUSTER'S ALL STARS - Charles Street Cowboysample
B2.PRINCE BUSTER'S ALL STARS - Prince Of Peacesample
B3.PRINCE BUSTER - Rude Rude Rudie (Don't Throw Stones)sample
B4.DON DRUMMOND - Sudden Attacksample
B5.DON DRUMMOND - Vietnamsample
C1.PRINCE BUSTER - High Blood Pressuresample
C2.DERRICK AND PATSY - Raindrops Fallingsample
C4.SPANISH TOWN SKABEATS - Stop That Trainsample
C5.PRINCE BUSTER - Islamsample
D1.PRINCE BUSTER - I Won't Let You Crysample
D2.DAKOTA JIM - Only Soul Can Tellsample
D3.PRINCE BUSTER - I'm Sorrysample
D4.PRINCE BUSTER'S ALL STARS - Summer Timesample
D5.PRINCE BUSTER - Sunshine With My Girlsample

*UK年間ベストレゲエアルバムに選ばれ、世界中のコレクターから賞賛されたロックステディ集「Let’s Go To The Dance」に続き、キラースカをコンパイルした究極のプリンス・バスター・セレクション。デューク・エリントンの「A列車で行こう」を疾走感溢れるスカにアレンジした「Hey Train」は、当時バスターのサウンドマンにだけ手渡されたダブプレートとして有名。コレクターであればいつか手に入れたいと思っていた幻の一曲。バスターの代表曲であり、ルードボーイ・チューンの最高傑作とも言える「Don’t Throw Stones」、そして同時期の録音と思われるマイナートーンの流麗かつキラーな「Roland Alphonso - Roll On Charles Street」は、某イギリスのサウンドマンが秘蔵していたスペシャル。キース&テックスのカバーにより大ヒットしたジャマイカンスタンダードのオリジナルテイク「Stop That Train - Spanish Town SkaBeats」は、バスタープロダクションの真髄とも言えるキラーボーカルスカにして、アルバム初収録。そのほか、ブラックモスリム、黒人解放運動の盟友モハメド・アリに捧げられた「Prince Of Peace」の別テイクやドン・ドラモンドの未発表曲等、世界初の音源化を多数収録した、ロッカシャッカ渾身の作品にして、プリンス・バスターのスピリットが冴え渡る最高のスカ・セレクション。

Following the release of Prince Buster’s “Let’s Go To The Dance” [RSPBLP-001], here comes another chapter in Rock-A-Shacka’s reissue Program featuring the King of Ska. Prince Buster. This set is sure to excite considerable interest among lovers of Jamaican music, featuring as it does many unreleased and alternate versions of Buster’s classic productions. The music here comes from the period 1961-1966, when Buster - as an independent producer and sound system owner - was rivalling the big guns in that field , namely Sir Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid and King Edwards.
Buster celebrated his rivalry in tracks like “They Got To Go”, “I See Them In My Sights” and “The King, The Duke, And The Sir”. Never one to miss the opportunity to assert himself against other producers, he conducted a musical feud against Derrick Morgan, a former associate who had decamped to the rival Sino-Jamaican ska producer Leslie Kong. Buster and Kong between them were the true originators of ska proper, ushering in the new music which would form the soundtrack to Jamaican independence in 1962 and beyond.
The music on this latest offering from Rocka-A Shacka features prime-quality ska, produced by a founding father of the genre, featuring great Jamaican musicians like trumpeter Baba Brooks, saxophonist Roland Alphonso, trumpeter Raymond Harper and various permutations of the premiere group of musicians collectively known as the Skatalites. It includes in-demand [and high-priced] collector’s items like the Spanish Town Skabeats “Stop That Train”, and vocals from the Prince himself, in his laid-back and engaging style.
All tracks are taken directly from tape; this release is truly a feast for lovers of ska and Jamaican R&B in general.

Steve Barrow



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