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WOO Arcturian Corridor

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カルト人気のブリティッシュ LO-FIサイケ/NEW AGE。WOOの未発表音源とリミックス。踊れる冒頭のA1「Arc I」から最高なレコメンド作。昨年復活のアルバムもリリースしたULTRAMARINEのリミックスも!

70年代から活動、Emotional Rescue やDRAG CITY、Palto Flats等から再発や旧作のアーカイヴ、 NITE JEWELのバックアップやSEAHAWKSとのコラヴォレーション、自主でのリリースを現役で続けるカルト・ユニットWOOの未発表の5曲と WOO自身、WINO WAGON、ULTRAMARINEのリミックスを収録してQUINDIがアナログリリース。5曲プラス1990年のアルバムに収録の代表曲の一つ「Love On Other Planets」のWOO自らによるリミックスの別テイク、90sUKエレクトロニック・レジェンドULTRAMARINEのリミックスも収録しています。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Arc I 4.48sample
A2.Arc II 4.14sample
A3.Arc III 3.57sample
A4.Arc IV 3.40sample
A5.Arc V 4.16sample
B1.Love On Other Planets (Woo Remix) 5.13sample
B2.AC V (Wino Wagon Remix) 7.42sample
B3.AC II (Ultramarine Remix) 4.18sample

The premise for Quindi Records is simple – to represent music with a universality at its core.
Without adhering to specific genre tropes, the releases are intended to have a meaning and purpose in all kinds of situations – a social soundtrack as much as a stimulating experience, feeding emotions and the psyche with a sentimental palette of sounds. Lovers’ music, loners’ music, music for friends and family alike.
Woo makes for a perfect choice to meet this loose concept head-on – the music of Clive and Mark Ives straddles disparate worlds and finds its own peculiar balance. On one hand it’s delicate synthesizer music with a minimalist bent, while on the other their joyous, twinkling harmonies have an immediacy that speaks to the soul. You can detect privacy in their craft – the brothers originally recorded their music in relative isolation in London in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. It’s only in recent years their sublime work has enjoyed a wider audience through an extensive run of reissues.
Arcturian Corridor ? presents a rare, previously unreleased piece of music from Woo – the expansive suite of the title track that unfurls across five parts. It’s an enchanting listen that shows a new breadth and depth to the duo – detailed drum programming and a broader palette of synth tones cascading in elegant unison. The name refers to Arcturus, the fourth brighteststar in the night sky. As Woo themselves explain, “The Arcturian Corridor is said to be a channel of light that brings unconditional love and wisdom from Arcturus to Earth.”
In addition to the 20-minute A-side piece, Woo also presents a new version of “Love On Other Planets”, a standout piece from their 1990 album ?Into The Heart of Love? . The fragile subtlety of the original has been embellished here with rich new passages that turn it into a kind of electronica epic, although still marked out with the sensitivity one expects from a Woo record.
Two remixes complete the set, both furthering Quindi’s modus operandi as a genre-agnostic force for cosmically charged music. Dublin’s Wah Wah Wino collective present their Wino Wagon manifestation for a tastefully strange house version of the fifth part of “Arcturian Corridor” that channels the freakiness of Pepe Bradock, the robo-funk of Metro Area and a soupcon of pop nous. British duo Ultramarine maintain the stylistic ambiguity as they channel decades of expressive experimentation between live band dynamics and machine soul on their version of the title track’s second chapter.



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