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LOUH Moon Child

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アシッド、アナログな質感で繰り広げられる魅惑のテクノ・サウンド。スイスのアーチスト・コレクティヴLES POINTSからLOUHの12インチ。Expect 5 signature psychedelic acid cuts !

LOUH, NICOLA KAZIMIR, WALID, AUDINOによるLES POINTSからLOUHの2NDソロEP。アナログにうごめくアシッド、ハードウェアのグルーヴ、うねり。不思議ななり方をするグッドサウンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.M 8 8 12sample
A2.I am the moonchildsample
A3.Traince Ride (to a not so well known place)sample
B1.Stato d’ansiasample
B2.Welcome to 2019sample

Louh returns with his second solo EP on Les Points. Expect 5 signature psychedelic acid cuts.

Moonchild they call me, because I only appear once a month during full moon. I was once saved by the damned & doomed; now I have awoken from a structural nightmare. In my new & limited existence, I felt the urge to cast a bright light on those creatures of the night as we would share a common faith (or systematic oppression). I suppose we are a fragmented community – once a month – when the moon shines the strongest – we bring death & despair to the ones that



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