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好調のリリースが続くサイケデリック・ディスコ・マスターRAY MANGも参加の「MAKE IT HOT」Remixes.

2011年に絵リリースを開始し、瞬く間にディスコラインのトップアーチストになったNYCのJKrivが、GOODY GOODY 「It looks like love」を下敷きに2013年にIDJUT BOYSとDUFF DISCOをリミキサーに起用しリリースした「Make It Hot」のニューリミックス・バージョン登場。JRKIV 本人、RAY MANG、PETE HERBERTのリミックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Make It Hot (Ray Mang's High Pressure Dub)sample
B1.Make It Hot (JKriv Meltdown Mix)sample
B2.Make It Hot (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix)sample

File Under Disco revisit the 2013 Disco classic-in-the-making Make It Hot, one of the biggest tunes released on their 100% original Disco imprint.

The original track showcased the musical talents of NYC maestro JKriv and the wonderful vocal skills of Adeline Michele.
These days Jason is one of the faces behind the Razor-N-Tape label, co-songwriter and bassist with live NYC disco act Escort and the producer behind various big releases on Z Records and Glitterbox.
He really is a contemporary Disco Machine!

On this set of new remixes this fantastic production talent comes head to head with longstanding remixer extraordinaire and studio master Ray Mang.
The man called Mang opts to launch the original into the outer dub-sphere in his trippy and extended High Pressure Dub. This one puts out the disco fires with gasoline!

Meanwhile on the flip, JKriv himself launches a new and raw electronic interpretation that completely reignites the original vocal performance by Adeline into an ecstatic dance floor work out.

Last, but not least, old friends and disco compatriots Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco deliver an Aperol-infused Balearic House rework of the original, which is the perfect soundtrack for those beach sunsets and summer nights that just refuse to end quietly.

Make it hot!



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