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OVERFLOW Heil Eris / Enjoy

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80年代のDIYなカセットカルチャーの深部をディグするニューレーベルRAAKVLAKの第1弾。ドイツ、ボンのLATE80sアンビエント、COLD WAVE。

87年から90年にかけてリリースをしている旧西ドイツ首都ボンのカルト・テープレーベルBrainstorm-Studioから、中心的存在のMarc'O DobraたちによるセッションOVERFLOW二つのカセットからコンパイル。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Klangdschungel (5:48)sample
A2.Voiceless (8:51)sample
B1.Take The Chance (5:52)sample
B2.Pressure Wave (4:14)sample
B3.Lass Loss (6:49)sample

‘’Ruff drum computer- and bubbling ambient excursions from Bonn, Germany, making their first appearance on vinyl for the new decennium’’.

Newly established label Raakvlak plucks a lush synth gem from the depths of 80’s D.I.Y.- cassette culture for their inaugural release. Heil Eris / Enjoy sees the first-time reissue of the work of German synth-wizards Overflow. The group, conceived as the session band of cult tape label Brainstorm-Studio, merely released two cassettes within the timespan of one year, of which Raakvlak now has culled some of the finest moments.

Out of a matrix of drum computers, synths, voices, tape FX and a flute come these five live-takes (no overdubbing used!), dedicated to the trio’s mascot Apumé, which was present at all sessions.

Ranging from the aquatic ambient excursion on ‘’Pressure Wave’’ and the existential cold-wave pop of ‘’Take A Chance’’ to the blissed-out downer ‘’Voiceless’’, Overflow shies away from musical expectations and thereby sounds as up to date as ever.
Restored, remastered and available on wax for the first time! Comes with download card plus three digital bonus tracks.



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