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CALM Calm Reworks

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イタリアの現行バレリック・サウンドの名門<HELL YEAH>から、CALMの「BY YOUR SIDE」のリミキシーズ3部作に続いて、自身の親交深いゆかりある国産アーティストのフェイヴァリット・トラックをエクステンド・リワークしたエクスクルーシヴなスプリットが登場!

「Tsuki No Wa」への参加をはじめPEPE CALIFORNIAのサポートで知られ、CALM主宰レーベル<MUSIC CONCEPTION>にも作品をのこしている氏の実弟であるミュージシャン・KENKOU FUKAGAWAの'04年ファーストアルバムからのタイトル曲”Everlasting Dreams (Calm's Still Dreaming Mix)”(sample1)を、アコースティックギターのブリスフルなイントロから11分超えのダンス・バレアリックにアップデート!そして、DJ MOTIVE率いるバンド・DEADBUNDYによるポジティブヴァイヴに充ちたライトメローなバレアリック・ポップな”Lorenz (Calm's Extended Mix)”(sample2)のエクステンデッド・ミックスをカップリング。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Kenkou - Everlasting Dreams (CALM's Still Dreaming Mix )sample
B1.deadbundy - Lorenz (CALM's Extended mix)sample

Of course, Calm is Japanese artist Fukagawa Kiyotaka, someone who has been making deep house, ambient and downtempo grooves since the late nighties. He is a legend of the game famous for his deeply dug out and immersive mixes and his current Oasis @ Home series is vital for lockdown listening. He is compiling a collection of contemporary Japanese meets balearic jams due for release next year, when he will come over to Europe to tour in support of it. But first, this…

The a-side is a psychedelic balearic guitar jam for the evolved and mature DJ and it is steeped in gently acid lushness. Over 11 minus it washes away all anxiety and douses you in rippling guitars and sun kissed rhythms that transport you to the Med in an instant. The b-side is a remix of a cult cut by Japanese band Deadbundy from Gifu. Calm flips it into an unbelievably groovy and chunky number with great pop hooks. The rubbery drums do their thing down low to make you move, while the warmth of the bass and the funk of the riffs oil the groove. It's open air, hands in the air, heart swelling music for good times.



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