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SHAKA The Riverwalk EP

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〈MENTAL GROOVE〉や〈BALANCE〉、〈MORRIS / AUDIO〉等々ディープ・ハウス、ミニマルハウスの狭間でリリースをしていて、人気を博していたスイスのSHAKAが〈LOCAL TALK〉から新作リリース!ここまで生音よりの感じは意外ですがばっちりハマってます。名曲誕生。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Theme From The Riverwalksample
B.New Relationshipsample

Since releasing his Shaka EP Vol.1 back in 1995, Swiss House veteran Kurt Spichiger aka Shaka has become a reliable sources of skilfully constructed house music.

Opening track 'Theme From Riverwalk' is a luscious exercise in melodic and soulful deepness. It oozes deep house authenticity and you know you are holding quality just a few bars in, a track that would sound at home on Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic.

On the flip you'll find Shaka confidently skipping between deep melodic house with jazzy melodies, heavily influenced by soulful and spiritual house vibes. 'New Relationship' aims straight to the heart and is the perfect blend of something played by both Joe Clausell and Ron Trent.



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