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BARTOLOMEO Castellammare (Incl. Priku Remix)

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イタリアのミニマル・ハウスのコレクティヴから、BARTOLOMEO。ルーマニア Prikuのリミックス収録。

BRUNO PRONSATO、EINZELKIND、 PIER BUCCIといったアーチストをリミックスに起用してきたイタリアのミニマル・ハウス・レーベルBAR MUSICA。レーベルを主宰するBartolomeoのレーベル最初のリリース以来となる4年ぶりの新作。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

B1.Proprio Tusample
B2.Castellammare (Priku Remix)sample

Bar Musica keeps us dancing this summer with a fantastic nine track compilation. It features a wealth of talent including Bartolomeo, Carebears, Umberto, Francesco Mami, Liro and others and it makes for a vital collection of tasteful house sounds.

Bartolomeo - Ognidove kicks off with a slick minimal groove and crisp claps that get under your skin and make you move. Carebears - Billy's Fantamoney is a bumping minimal house cut with baby pads that take your mind on a wander and Like to Think from Valeria Croft and Lights Electronika then gets spaced out and late night with its jazzy chords and soft pads.

The lush and stripped back deep house continues on the colourful, none-lit A New Way (Of Me) from Umberto and Jesse Marcell's Mineral Minds is pure house funk with rubbery drum lines and slippery sci-fi synth sounds.

Elsewhere Francesco Mami drills down with some wonky tones and shuffling drums and Snipped from _____ ups the pace a little with a driving cut perfect for the dead of night. J Paraguai - Materialism gets wonky with tin pot percussion and nice off grid loops all underpinned by warm sub bass. Liro then closes out with Uyuiii, a freaky and alien minimal house cut with style to spare.

Bonus Track - Ahoda Psi - Pattern One. A great tool for the dancefloors.



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