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DYLAN HENNER The Invention of the Human

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NIC TASKER 主宰〈WHITIES〉から〈AD 93〉にレーベル名が移行して新作リリース。ダンスフィールドを離れてミニマル、エレクトロニック・ミュージック。素晴らしい世界。

ANUNAKU, DJ PLEADに続いてAD 93としての第2弾。PHANTOM LIMBからカセットでデビュー、ベルギーのDAUWやIオークランドNNER ISLANDSから立て続けにカセットアルバムをリリースし注目されたDYLAN HENNERをフック。ミニマル・ミュージックやニューエイジの流れを組みながら、クラシック、教会音楽の要素が根底にあるようなサウンド。静けさと福音的な神聖さを今日的テクノロジーを通過してアウトプット。DYLAN HENNER素晴らしい。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Sink Into The Dream
B.That Harbinger Of Nothing Actual

"The Invention of The Human" is designed as a response to the question "what makes us human?" The question has become increasingly important in this period of history, in that many of the answers aren't good enough. "Civilisation" could be one answer; but what good is civilization where there is so much misery within it? "Progress" could be another; but what good is progress without kindness and empathy to sustain it? Taking the thought of man's relationship with technology as a measure of humanity, I asked the computer "what do you think a human sounds like?", and with that I built this album of synthesised vocals, wondering if technological development can help explain what we are.

The vinyl release consists of two ~ 20 min pieces, while the digital release features extended versions of the music in those pieces, making 8 individual tracks.
Anyone that purchases the album from our bandcamp will be credited with the two ~ 20 min pieces and a digital pdf of supplementary document ‘034: A Graphic Score’.

Synchronised with Henner’s core inquiry, the physical packaging (designed collaboratively between Alex McCullough and C’estainsi studio) employs a combination of machine learning and mechanical plotting to mimic the human mind and hand.



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