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RED D Red Basics 1 & 2

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SAN SODAやFCLも所属するレーベル〈WE PLAY HOUSE〉を主宰するベルギーのRED Dが自身の作品をリリースためにニューレーベルを始動。

インサートシートには、「BASICS」という言葉の意味を改めて参照し、「Dedicated To The City Of Detroit And Its Music」という言葉で締め括られています。アンダーグラウンド・ハウス、DETROIT SWINDLEやJIMPSTER、LAURENT GARNIERといったトップアーチストからも賛辞が届いております。独特の感覚。良作。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Red Basics 1 (7:48)sample
B1.Red Basics 2 (6:08)sample

If you do not know the basics, you cannot do the math - Belgian underground DJ mainstay Red D is starting Red Basics as a means to provide an outlet for his solo work. Forever inspired by a wealth of music from around the world the city of Detroit is where he always ends up and that is exactly the inspiration you will hear on this maiden release of the series. ‘Red Basics 1’ is a deep percussive house excursion with hints of Patrice Scott and Marcellus Pittman and ‘Red Basics 2’ moves into Robert Hood-styled gospel techno territory. Detroit love is where it’s at!

Detroit Swindle: Nice classic vibe!
Mano Le Tough: Digging Red Basics 1 a lot. Timeless deep house rawness. I love how simple and understated it is. Will definitely play it if nightclubs ever open again!
Laurent Garnier: Lovely happiness. We need tracks like this at the moment. Thanks for these.
Jimpster: Thanks a lot for sending over the new release. Just listening now and the Red Basics 1 is blowing me away! Pure, authentic deep house which I will never tire of! It’s a simple blueprint but much harder to execute and this one nails it!
Kiani & His Legion: Killer E.P., especially Red Basics 1.

【insert sheet】
basics: general or basic truths on which other truths or theories can be based

the truths that were and are being written by those who first laid down the law continue to motivate and inspire me
those truths form the basics i need to turn to when all around me i see people and their actions ignoring knowledge that is simply there for the taking
red basics is my attempt at preserving and forwarding the truth, for myself and for those who care to listen

dedicated to the city of detroit and its music



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