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国籍やセクシャリティ、性同一性に起因する差別撲滅の支援を掲げたチャリティーコンピレーション「Queer Base」をリリースした〈FREERIDE MILLENIUM〉から、ブラジル出身の〈MISTER MISTERY〉主宰のROTCIVのニューシングル。

PHILPOT RECORDSを運営するシュトゥットガルトのレコードショップ〈PAULS MUSIQUE〉と、Hard Tonとのコラボレーションでも知られるデュオJorkes主宰の〈FREERIDE MILLENIUM〉共同でのニューリリース。PANORAMA BARやLIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON、COCKTAIL D’AMOREでDJとしてプレイしているROTCIV。アンダーグラウンドなハウスシーンやディスコ、レフトフィールドなDJ、アーチストから多数サポートを受けている5トラックのEP「Tea Time」。メタリック、ウェイヴ感、ハウスエモーショナル感もあるビターなリズミック・シンセサイザー・ダンス「Number Of Names 」筆頭にかっこいいダンスチューン。入荷しました。 (サイトウ)

DJ: “Massimiliano Pagliara: „great stuff! <3“ Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco): „YES YES HOT HOT COVER TOO“ Younger Than Me (Tusk Wax, XXX): „Strong EP! Number Of Names our fav for sure! thanks“ Perel (DFA): „nice! thank you“ Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels/Correspondant): „cool! thanks“ Chloe (LARJ/ BPitchControl): „number of names is the one! thanks“ Curses (Rinse France/Ombra/Dischni Autunno): excellent release! full support“ Red Axes (I´m A Cliche): „Thanks! Peza (A&R Edits): Some great grooves on here, Number Of Names bassline is ace“ Andrew Claristidge: „Very solid Pack“ Sam Berdah (Club Bizarre): „ROTCIV always delivers“ Craig Bratley: „Great EP, Soundwaves is the standout cut“ Support from John Digweed in his Bunker Sessions, Les Yeux Orange, Deep House Amsterdam, Local Suicide, Bill Brewster, Wicked Style, Why People Dance, 44100Hz Social Club ”

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Number Of Namessample
A2.Glutamate Transmissionsample
B1.True Coloursample
B2.Bubbles The Chimpsample

Hot on the heels of their proud new charity project and first ever compilation ‘Freeride Millenium presents Queer Base’, this agenda setting label returns with an evocative new EP from Brazilian artist Rotciv, also appearing on vinyl in collaboration with Pauls Musique. DJing since 1996 and Berlin based since 2010, Rotciv has been playing places like the acclaimed Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s legendary Robert Johnson club and the Cocktail D’Amore parties for many years. He runs Mister Mistery, a label focused on house music, while also releasing himself on Luv Shack, Unterton (Ostgut Ton) Skylax and many more. All this comes alongside his The Rimshooters project with Massimiliano Pagliara. He kicks off this fresh EP with ‘Number of Names’, a rugged roller on the border between house and techno with a phased bassline and rolling chords that get you in a meditative state. The more upbeat ‘Glutamate Transmission’ gets you shifting shapes with its daubs of acid, crisp percussive flashes and busy bassline, then ‘True Colour’ has an old school Chicago feel with its chatty claps and acid lines. The moods continue to evolve with style on ‘Bubbles The Chimp’, a tense cut of broken techno, futuristic machine sounds and lively synths. Beautiful ambient closer ‘Soundwaves’ is a lush comedown amongst the stars. This is a fully formed and journeying EP of fantastic underground sounds with artwork by Daniel Rajcsanyi.



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