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JUNIE Suzie Super Groupie

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”THE OHIO PLAYERS”のヴォーカル兼キーボーディストとしても知られるWALTER‘JUNIE ’MORRISONが76年に発表した「Suzie Super Groupie」がリイシュー!MOODYMANN、HARVEY、THEOがプレイすることでも知られる「SuzieThundertussy」を筆頭に、ジャズ〜プロトブギーまで飲み込んだ芳醇な音楽性とP-FUNK由来の粘り気あるグルーヴ。

”FUNKADELIC”のマスターピース「One Nation Under A Groove」のプロデュースにも携わったWALTER 'JUNIE' MORRISONが〈WESTBOUND〉からリリースした3rdソロアルバムを、信頼のリイシュー専科が正規再発!MOODYMANNが大阪公演にてプレイ、KANYE WEST FEAT. KENDRICK LAMAR「No More Parties In LA」でのMADLIBによるサンプリングでも知られる「SUZIE THUDERTUSSY」(sample1)はもちろん、ミッドテンポソウル「If You Love Him」やディスコフィーリングな「Suzie」など、プロトブギー、ファンク、ジャズの豊富な要素を備えたエヴァーグリーンな名作。この機会にぜひ! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Junie III (0:32)sample
A2.Suzie Thundertussy (3:43)sample
A3.If You Love Him (3:29)sample
A4.What Am I Gonna Do (3:41)sample
A5.Super Groupie (5:50)sample
B1.Surrender (3:50)sample
B2.Suzie (4:08)sample
B3.Stone Face Joe (4:21)sample
B4.Spirit (6:33)sample

Walter ‘Junie’ Morrison released his third solo LP, Suzie Super Groupie, in 1976. A slick, smooth and soulful record, it’s a genre-melting tour de force with rich elements of proto-boogie, funk and jazz. In short, this is yet another essential album reissue from Be With. The sublime “Suzie Thundertussy”, is a favourite of Harvey and Theo, and was brilliantly sampled by Madlib for Kanye West’s “No More Parties In LA”. The track opens with a sinuous synth and combines Junie’s storytelling abilities with an emphatic vocal style and funky arrangements. The powerful bass and sinister chords create an undeniable groove, and the explosive chorus is full of ambition and joy. “If You Love Him” is a great, mid-tempo soul song. With a swinging jazz-infused middle-eight, it demonstrates Junie was much more than a mercurial funkateer. The laconic groove of “What Am I Gonna Do” recalls “Fresh”-era Sly Stone, whilst the frantic “Super Groupie” showcases his sharp imagination and sense of fun. The lyrics range from humorous to dirty, all fuelled by an infectious groove and tight horn arrangements. The P-Funk of B-side opener “Surrender” bounces and sparkles, with a strutting Junie backed by great harmony vocals and joyous horns. “Suzie” is a sleek, softer affair albeit with a disco pulse; a beautiful combination of bright, funky horns, fluid basslines and vigorous rhythms. “Stone Face Joe” is another character song, this time one that chugs along on a sweet boogie rhythm. The winner for us, however, is the closing piece. An extended funk-rock jam, “Spirit” has a heart-rending spoken-word intro and, as a nod to Jimi Hendrix, creates a live con



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