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カリフォルニア、サンディエゴの聖ステファノス教会で結成されたゴスペルバンドJOYの2枚のアルバム'78年「I Feel The Spirit」rと'83年の「The Time Is Right」からコンパイル。SAN SODAのリミックスを収録したアルジェリアのZOHRAの再発でスタートしたドイツ有数のレアレコードディガーのショップ/レーベル〈MUSIC TAKE ME UP〉から到着しております。

コーラス、それぞれの演奏、完璧な音宇宙を描いていて素晴らしいです。DIYな揺らぎの魅力も。そしてなによりも心が震えてる人の歌です。号泣。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.No Need To Worry (5:06)
A2.Third Day (4:40)
A3.The Time Is Right (3:36)
A4.I Feel The Spirit (3:29)
B1.I Can Do All Things Through Christ (3:44)
B2.Psalms 24 (4:48)
B3.He'll Make Everything Alright (4:10)
B4.Give It All To Jesus (3:41)

Gathered for the first time and including what can safely be called a holy grail of Gospel music is the very best of Joy, compiled from their albums “I Feel The Spirit” and “The Time Is Right”.
Consisting of members of the St. Stephen's Church of God in Christ in San Diego, Joy was a performing Gospel band spreading the word of God throughout the local community and opening for renowned Gospel artists such as Danniebelle Hall, Jessy Dixon and Sandra Crouch. Led by producer/musician Matt Anderson, the two albums were recorded in ’78 and ’83 and feature an impressive array of very talented contributing artists such as bass player Michael-Kae and multi-instrumentalist Clarence Bell, also known for his work with Stevie Wonder and Patrice Rushen.

Restored and remastered from the original master tapes, the compilation is available on a high quality vinyl pressing and includes the masterpiece “The Time Is Right” among a collection of lesser known but equally powerful and timeless pieces of music.



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