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JARC Move On Up / U Make Me Hot

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スタンプラベルのみのホワイト盤、ディスコエディット。JARC SOUNDS第3弾。ディスコダブ。

第1弾ROY AYERSの「We Live in Brooklyn」、CHANGE 「Paradise」、第2弾Gary's Gang 「Knock Me Out」のエディットに続くJARC SOUNDSの第3弾。KAT MANDU 「I Wanna Dance」のA-SIDEと、B-SIDEの「U Make Me Hot」ともにMAX ESSA、HORSE MEAT DISCO、OLIVER DOLLAR,GROOVE ARMADA/ TOM FINDLAY、CHARLES WEBSTERといった現場のベテラン勢からも賞賛の声あがるJARC003。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Move On Upsample
B.U Make Me Hotsample

Round three of JARC’s audacious, aural onslaught comes in the for of a double header of incendiary cuts, reworking that disco sound with hypnotic grooves and beefed up low ends, best served at full blast.

First up, you’re hit with ‘Move On Up’, looped, echoed and powered out into the cosmos. Earworm synth and sax hooks meet choice vocal snippets and a pumping beat.

Flip it over for a salacious number, ‘U Make Me Hot’ drenched in horns, guitar struts, and all too enticing vocals, tied together with a boisterous bassline that will rumble the very ground you stand on.



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