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BELLA BOO Let's Go Out

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DJとして10年以上のキャリアを持ち、STUDIO BARNHAUS等からの近年のリリースが人気を博しているBELLA BOOがRUNNING BACKからEPリリース!

DJ BELLA BOOのニューEP。ビートレスなマインドミュージック、ハウス、早めのブレイクビート、エレクトロ。「Let's Go Out」とディープながらポジティブなメッセージと、音のバイヴ、ダビーなエレクトロニック・ディテールのファンタジー。じっくり良いです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Yellow Theme (Song)sample
A2.In Lovesample
A3.Together We Will Be Finesample
A4.Rain On Mesample
B2.Don't Stopsample
B3.Time To Gosample
B4.NT4 outrosample

Let’s go out! A suggestion that might sound like an absurdity in current times, but feels like the true promise of Bella Boo’s debut EP on Running Back. The Studio Barnhus affiliate refines and elevates her bright, genial and dissenting take on deep house into something greater than its parts.
What was supposed to be an album with features and collaborations was turned into an introspective solo-practice by Covid-19 and subsequently into this rich 8-track-EP. A writer’s block and the pitfalls of the aforementioned deep house genre were overcome with the help of Axel Boman’s knowledge of football philosophy and a 140bpm tempo advice. So, everything fell in its right place.
„Let’s Go Out“ is like the gateway into a wonderful coherent musical universe and an entertaining listening experience. Imaginative and sparkling, tender-hearted as well as bouncing when it needs to be. Bella’s EP is as much of a tribute to the UK scene that inspired her over the years as it’s entirely her own and distinctive thing. Like a perfect mixtape, it ebbs and flows, and once you reached its finish, it makes you want to start again – or to go out.

Short version: Bella Boo’s bright and genial debut EP on Running Back. Eight tender-hearted, imaginative and bouncing tracks that are as much of a tribute to the UK Scene that inspired her over the years, as they are the gateway into a wonderful coherent musical universe that is Bella’s own entirely.



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