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このジャケにしてこのゆるさ。「Over You」。ダブ・バージョンも絶妙です。

1983年オーストラリア、メルボルンでの出来事です。FACEBOOKにアップされてたジャケ写にはぼかしが入ってました。規制ですかね。間に浮かぶ●と、ラケット、もしくは頭、ちんぽこ。シンメトリーと対比、ずれ、3つを結ぶ三角形が飽きさせません。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Clock Ticks Oversample
A2.The Clock Ticks Over (Dub Version)sample
B1.Into Yousample

12" comp collecting four impossible-to-find Tester Housing tracks from 1983, the sum total of the Melbourne duos recorded output. Originally released via Rampant, the short-lived but prolific label also responsible for a few Drowning Not Waving and David Chesworth records, what we've got here is a prime example of the international language of minimal synthpop, beautifully youthful expressions that trade their guitars for synthesisers, filtered through the briefly utopic ideal of new emergent technologies. There's a big early Mute feel here, a clear pop sensibility sharing space with DIY enthusiasm and a little punk spirit. All gold, but the closing near-acapella of 'Oh' is the standout, brushed with that same lonely planet sound as Solid Space's hermetical masterpiece, Space Museum. That one track is worth the entry fee alone.



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