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〈MEAKUSMA〉ニューリリース!DON’T DJ とNWAQ aka NEWWORLDAQUARIUMのコラヴォレーション。目力のトランス。

MEAKUSMA FESTIVALでも知られ、レフトフィールドなユニークな個性のアーチストを送り出すベルギーのMEAKUSMAから、当店でも同じのDON’T DJ、FLORIAN MEYERとNEWWORLDAQUARIUM等で知られるオランダの電子音楽のベテランJOCHEM PETERI。2019年のMEAKUSMA FESTIVALでのパフォーマンスと、それに先立って二人で滞在したVannesa's Place録音されたもの。サイケデリックな電子パルス、ポストリズミックな変リズムで進行するマジカルサウンド・ワールド。本年度のベスト・スリーヴ候補。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Tiger (3:23)sample
A2.Green Wolf (1:54)sample
A3.Central Bern (8:59)sample
A4.No Bern (4:25)sample
B1.Vanessa (4:01)sample
B2.Rabbits (4:40)sample
B3.White Lies (1:48)sample
B4.White Lies (6:24)sample

A mesmerising descent into the artistic perspectives of two singular artists active in off-kilter club music !

Some of the eight tracks on this record were recorded live at the festival while others were recorded during the residency. All dwell in distorted and eccentric bliss and play around with rhythmic arrhythmic and post-rhythmic tension. There is happiness in dystopia although the subtle yet intense layering in the music hints at undercurrents that are far from bright. The joyousness of this record lies in the notable excitement Don't DJ and NWAQ experience fusing their modi operandi coming up with a music that shines and distorts. As massive blocks of sound alternate with subtler disorienting parts repetitive vocals create an air of disparate acceptance. It uses club music's template and pushes on. With the kind support of Ostbelgien.



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