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HONEST JON'Sがディストリビューションを手伝うカナダ、トロントの注目のレーベルCOSMIC RESONANCEのニューリリース。

潜り込むようなロウ、ベース、アンビエント・ダンス、ポリリズム、ポリフォニックなミニマル・ディープハウス。ジェンダー・アイデンティティの現代的な状況を取り上げる作家でもあり、ハードコアパンクのシーンで活動しているというNicolas FieldによるプロジェクトINNER TOUCHデビュー EP。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dripping (4:58)sample
A2.Gone (5:53)sample
B1.Persona (5:56)sample
B2.Notice (5:16)sample
B3.Aries (4:48)sample

“Inner Touch is the embodiment of Nicolas Field within the electronic music art form. With a storied history informing their most recent work, Inner Touch is a concise vision of transformation and relinquishment. The music is both simple and deceptively deep, best suited to those seeking moments of transcendence on the dancefloor.

Throughout the last decade, Nicolas has toured extensively around the world, mostly with punk bands, galvanizing a thirst for moving and connecting people through music. Along with dozens of musical collaborations and releases, Field has published Farewell Manly Strength: Masculinity and the Politics of Emotion (Furrawn Press 2018), their take on the contemporary state of masculinity and gender identity. There is a wisdom and thoughtfulness that guide Nicolas' art, a calm and focused resolve that renders a delicate intensity.

100% Gone is the debut EP from Inner Touch. A five track exploration of synthetic textures, pulsing beats and polyrhythm that would happily bop in any night club. Yet these tracks hold the listener effortlessly to a place of fulfilled solitude and with a wonder for the natural world. This juxtaposition of solitude and community, nature and synthesis is what makes Inner Touch so special and a joy to listen to.”



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