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TODH TERI Deep In India Vol.8 (limited)

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TODH TERIの「Deep In India」シリーズ。ニューシングル!ボリウッドの下世話なスピリチュアル感と、じっくりエレクトロニックダンス・ミュージック良さがやはり光っています。

2017年に登場し、匿名性を保ったままリリースを続けるTODH TERI。どんなに匿名性を続けてもアートワークと、その音自体を聴いて僕はテリエと思ってます。ボリウッド・サンプル使いはもちろん健在ですがその割合は、B1は、アクの強いサンプル、中盤からのジャジーな展開が圧巻、それ以外はブレイク等の要所に絞られらた曲が多く、さまざまフロアへと、ダンストラックのユニークで魅せてきます。A2では、ラテン・フリースタイルな感じも。またしても人気を博しそうです。過去作も値段あがってきてますね。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Todh Teri Sampadan 26sample
A2.Kone Kone Sampadan 27sample
B1.Todh Teri Sampadan 28sample
B2.Todh Teri & United Machines Sampadan 29sample

Deep In India Volume 8 is a new compilation by Todh Teri, the unidentified beingv who’s known for his groovy disco edits from the Indian subcontinent. This particular record features two of his fellow beatmakers, Kone Kone and United Machines as they add their personal touch to selected tunes from the yesteryears.
Sampadan 26 brings out fresh percussive beats, reminiscent of Indian cinema from the 80s with the Todh Teri’s iconic acid twist. In the “following” track Sampadan 27, Kone Kone drives us a decade ahead into the 90s with a unique cusp of mystery blended with a funky sound. Next up, Todh Teri flows into a classic tune, in Sampadan 28, with elements of jazz that fuse well with the disco spirit of this record, as he pays a tribute to one of the greatest Indian music composers. The final track on this album is a collaborative effort with United Machines from India, who makes use of some crazy synths in Sampadan 29 that gives a fresh symbiotic effect to an old school favorite. This eight edition of the Deep In India series presents a new perspective as it extends from conventional bollybeats and moves towards underground disco and house beats with each track.



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