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LOW KHEY Never Turst a Cyborg

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ミッドテンポのエクスペリメンタル・ダンスホール。ダブ、マシンビート。ADRIAN SHERWOODやDJ PYTHONを引き合いにレーベルも紹介しています。リズミック・ベース。推薦盤。

フランス、リヨンのGBOI & JEAN MI主宰のBASS、IDM、JUNGLE等のラインナップを 送り出しているCOMIC SANSからニューカーマーLOW KHEY。UKのDJ LYSTER主宰〈YOUTH〉のSPORTSシリーズ第2弾CDオムニバスにも参加していた人。ディストピアなインダストリアル・サイファイ・ダンスホール。リズムの多層性や音響、シリアスでも遊び心のあるサウンドの魅力。是非じっくりチェックしてみてください。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Never Trust A Cyborg (01:37)sample
A2.Control X (03:22)sample
A3.Huta Vibz (03:58)sample
A4.Click Of Death (03:37)sample
A5.Proteus (01:33)sample
B1.Homos Festivus (03:31)sample
B2.Cyborgs Faking Emotions (03:14)sample
B3.Ying Yang (02:33)sample
B4.Avaton Anomias (03:26)sample
B5.Mauvaises Herbes (01:22)sample

After a small digital break, here is new record from the Comic Sans' vaults. First world appearance for Low Khey with 10 tracks exploring the 90-100 bpm side of experimental bass music. Call it mutant dancehall, deconstructed dub or industrial riddims, it's difficult to describe precisely in which genre the release falls. Let's just imagine that Vybz Cartels' beats met Adrian Sherwood's punk dub sound design and that the whole thing was supervised by the evil twin of DJ Python. The big space left to the drums and the precise use of robotic sound-effects give a hyper-mechanical aspect to the riddim tracks which are aired by several interludes made of weird FX making it sound like futuristic commercials for spaceships or intergalactic bitcoin exchange. The whole project has hidden references to artificial intelligence and problems that human are facing regarding the technology. The world in wich Low Khey lives is dominated by machines, and mankind is having a rough time to say the least! But there is hope for our Homo Sapien friend... If only he kept in mind this simple advice : Never. Trust. A. Cyborg.



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