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イタリアのバレアリック・レーベルHELL YEAHから、WILLIE GRAFF & TUCCILLOの12インチ。

FEEERANGEやCIRCUS COMPANYからHOLIC TRAXまでさまざまなレーベルからリリースするスペイン、イビザのデュオWILLIE GRAFF & TUCCILLO。レーベルコンピレーション「Buena Onda: Balearic Beats」にも収録されたA2「Gliding」を含む4 TRACKS。レーベルカラーにそったバレアリック、ダビー&メローなトラックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Crystal Ball (6:14)sample
A2.Gliding (6:20)sample
B1.The Moment (7:49)sample
B2.Tic Tac (6:39)sample

Hell Yeah welcomes the red hot pairing of Tuccillo and Willie Graff for a new four track EP that includes 'Gliding', as heard on the recent Buena Onda compilation. This is a serious serving for real DJs only.

Willie Graff & Tuccillo have been cooking up their delicious deep house dishes for more than a decade now on labels like Finale Sessions, Freerange and Circus Company. Tuccillo is also behind the Balearic Gabba classic 'Solo un Delay', and Graff - a born and bred White Isle native, who is also a long time cohort of Kenneth Bager`s Music For Dreams - is the youngest person to ever have a residency at the legendary Pacha nightclub. They have a rich sound palette that gets all horizontal and Mediterranean across these four fresh new tracks.

Day Side opener 'Crystal Ball' has a nimble bassline and bouncing kicks that get you on your toes while the lush synths do a playful dance up top. The excellent 'Gliding' track from the Buena Onda compilation is a super go slow anthem with scuffed up claps and lazy kicks that take you on a real trip far out to sea.

Flip on the Night Side and 'The Moment' picks up the pace, exploring late night deep house with a melodic air, distant whistles and subtle acid sounds that make for a tropical beach rave. Last of all, 'Tic Tac' is six minutes of dreamy rhythmic bliss, with delicate drums and new age ambiance washing over you like a cooling Azure breeze.

These are classy DJ weapons for those who know.

---DJ feedback---

Axel Boman "The Moment is sublime!!!"

Sean Johnston (ALFOS) "Really strong, love this!"

Max Essa "Wow, this is fantastic! No surprise there though, I always love what these guys do. Can't pick a favourite at the moment, every track sounds wonderful. Can't wait to start playing these to people!"

Andy Taylor (We Are The Sunset) "Willie & Tuccillo have been releasing great stuff lately and this is EP is equally strong. I'm digging the floor friendly opener, Crystal Ball... a bouncy track with lovely warm pads and infectious chord patterns. Nice change of pace on Gliding, dropping things down a few gears for the sunset crew, and again full of warmth and sounding that bit deeper. Quality."



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