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▼ Tracklisting

1.KOLYA DYKHNE - Tezeta (6:04)
2.VLAD DOBROVOLSKI / SUGAI KEN - Advanced Retrospective Shit-phonic (3:07)
3.DIANA ROMANOVA - Hurlement (2:44)
4.AUDREY CHEN / HUGO ESQUINCA - Untitled (3:14)
5.MARGENROT - Odnogolosii (3:12)
6.ELINA BOLSHENKOVA / NIKITA BUGAEV - A Song For One Voice & Four Patchers (3:30)
7.ZURKAS TEPLA - Soak (2:04)
8.KIRSTINE ELISA KJELDSEN - Mózg 2020 (3:05)
9.FELICITY MANGAN - Until Next Summer (3:28)
10.EGOR KLOCHIKHIN - Na Samom Dele (5:53)

Includes two A7 postcards with archive photos & original Kosichkin reel-to-reel tape loops. Packed into silk-screened craft paper sleeve & hand-stamped craft paper bag with ziplock & aluminum foil inside.

Over the course of more than 10 years, since the beginning of the 70-ies to the first half of the 80-ies, the head of an ordinary Soviet family, using a reel tape machine, recorded songs sung by his wife, poems recited by his children, his favourite music played from vinyl and aired on the radio and lots of other things. Miraculously, the archive remained intact. The new Klammklang release is a collage pieced together from these recordings.



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