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マンチェスターのリエディット・レーベル〈​TALKING DRUMS〉第4弾。12インチ。80sシンセサイザーポップ、イタロ・コズミックな2 TRACKS。

スローモーなイタロディスコ、エキゾチックでシリアス、妖しい世界観がクレイジーなドラッギー・ディスコ。B-SIDEは、スラップベース、トライバルと、ニュービート、マシーンファンクが融合したアフロ・コズミック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Under The Skysample
B.Close Orbitsample

Back with a bang for 2021 the TD team tame another couple of unclassics, offering end of night emotion and druggy chug on this wavey wax.

The A side looks skywards from the Mediterranean shore, waves of delay lapping its toes as Italo melancholy and Balearic sincerity go straight to its head.
A lovelorn ragazza finds comfort in kalimba and 'Wicked Game' sobs softly from a nearby tabaccheria, signing off a postcard of this holiday romance.

Things take a turn for the trippy on the flip as 'Close Orbit' shifts gears on a synth-pop standard in favour for a zero gravity throb.
Packed with slap bass, slanky percussion and the faint hint of new beat, this Afro-cosmic stomper is a slow tempo, high energy heater.

Limited Press - Numbered Insert - Drum Fun Guaranteed.

Bon soir et bisous.



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