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クロアチアのディープハウス・レーベルFORBIDDEN DANCEから、デトロイト・ベテランALTON MILLER。Ricardo Mirandaのリミックス収録!

ハートフルなシンセサイザースロー・ハウス・ジャムじっくり良い曲「All We Have 」、MOODYMANNの主宰のKDJからリリースした「Shine On Me」をRicardo MirandaがリミックスしたA2、アップリフティングなオーガニックハウス「Headspace」、デトロイトの伝説的なクラブ「Music Institute」のレーベルからリリースした「Souls Like Mine」に収録された「After The Rain」をB2に再収録。艶めくディープハウス最高の一曲です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.All We Have (7:04)sample
A2.Shine On Me (Rollin To Detroit Mix) (6:29)sample
B1.Headspace (5:01)sample
B2.After The Rain (6:17)sample

Smoothly combining his tendencies towards emotional and soulful deep house whilst building these elements on a steady foundation of tribal, percussive and dance rhythms, Miller manages to effortlessly pull you into his house sound with an impressive palette of ideas even if it’s just one 4 track EP.
A1 - All We Have is a dancefloor inspired jam, but don’t get fooled. The track is infused with a ot of deep juice and it drips irresistibly through the synths, short but smooth bassline and percussive foreplay of different drum elements. Playful yet with enough momentum to wiggle you in a positive dance sway.
A2 - Shine On Me (Rollin To Detroit Mix), the track which was initially released for Moodyman’s KDJ Records back in 2002, got “revised” by Ricardo Miranda shows off perfectly the emotional substance of Miller’s deep vocal house interpretation with silky percussive lines in between.
B1 - Headspace is the pure example of a perfect B-side cut. Slow-burning rhythm filled with organic perc stabs and dense but deep bassline, Miller again in a genius way intertwines slow emotional story backed by almost raw harmonics but nevertheless well explained Detroit vibe.
B2 - After The Rain, which can be heard on Alton’s “Souls Like Mine” album released on the forementioned The Music Institute as a bonus cut. It’s a slow dance between reemerging basslinand subtle synth lines flowing on offset claps and smooth background bongos. pretty timeless stuff if the atmosphere is dimmed right.
yes, this is Headspace EP.



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