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NICOLA CRUZ Arpejos Da Floresta

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オリジナル路線を突っ走る大絶好調NICOLA CRUZのネオ・密林テクノ!

アヤワスカ・モジュラー・テクノ路線も充実のニコラによる新作。いわゆる南米スローなどのキーワードを余裕で飛び越えながら、細部には南米フォルクローレの聖霊が付き纏うかのようなミステリアスな響きが宿ってます。そしてリズムはやはりラテンが根っこにありますね。と同時に最新ディープ・テクノと見事にシンクロ。魔法使いぷりに磨きかかってます。ダンスミュージックの進化も感じる全曲オリジナル。 (Shhhhh)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.The Messengersample
A3.Danza Externasample
B1.Noite Longasample
B2.Sequencia De Luzsample

Little did we know when we started Highlife back in 2010, that over in Quito, Ecuador a young Nicola Cruz was being drawn to the similar sounds and artists as us. Over time we've formed a mutual admiration and we couldn't think of a better example of a Highlife artist - so we're unbelievably excited to present his debut record on the label!

The EP is inspired by walks around nature, cachoeiras, forests, simply all the beauty you find when visiting isolated, almost untouched spots of gorgeous nature.



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