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YOSHITAKE EXPEともコラヴォレーションしたVALENTINO MORAのレーベルからリリースしているOLORUNというミステリアスなアーチストのニューリリース。B2でリミックスも担当しているDaniel[i] 主宰の〈WHISPERING SIGNALS〉から。モダン・サイケデリック、シャーマニズムの影響伺えるディープサウンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Asiento (7:35)sample
A2.Yoruba (7:41)sample
B1.Aroüagues (7:40)sample
B2.Aroüagues (Daniel[i] Amalgam) (6:54)sample

Sit tight, keep an open mind, let the balm of music surround you. You are one of the multitude, in a collective listening act. The nocturnal cicadas will guide your steps into Olorun’s enchanted world. Asiento is gentle yet brave, attentive yet curious, the feeling at the start of any journey, real or imagined. You can feel a light summery breeze on your skin, accelerating your pulse: a need for exotic places. Accept it and savour it. Tribal rhythm of the unknown, a pleasant memory of our past and the anchor to the natural world. Intrigued by a flock of birds flying high, cherish the beauty of this haven of sweetness immersed in lush nature. Yoruba is a delicate ode to movement, a cinematic fantasy of this adventure through the jungle. Pulsing, chasing, echoing: we are fascinated by the natural world, especially because we can’t fully comprehend it. The adventurous Spirit will show us the beauty of Gaia. Aroüagues brings in ancestral voices to chase the listener, organic percussion to create magical soundscapes. Like a sturdy shell that passes through foggy textures, this is a moving meditation. The connection with the natural world is reminded by the sound of the cicadas. Daniel[i]’s Amalgam is a liquid sculpture, modeled on the crescendo of this short but delightful voyage. Fog has become warm, a sense of rarefaction to come full circle, creating a twirling, bouncing sense of dance, a place where getting lost again and again. A place where appreciating the untouched beauty of this universe, in times where this seems the most difficult thing to do.



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