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LIEVEN MARTENS MOANAとSUGAI KENのダブルネームでのリリースとなったKAGIROI。アナログ入荷しました。郷土芸能のフィールド・レコーディングを元にした作品。

スガイ・ケンが日本各地で録り溜めた郷土芸能の音源をもとにリーボンがサウンドプロセスし、投影した作品KAGIROI(かぎろひ/陽炎)。日常から非日常の神秘的な世界へ。 (サイトウ)

Recently out of the blue, Sugai San sent me a collection of personal field recordings he made of folklore groups and public performances in Tokyo, Toyama, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Tottori, … The close listener already knows that Sugai San’s aesthetics speak of a great knowledge of these performing arts.

An open invitation: “the traditional local performing arts in the 21st century intrinsically conceive “fragility” as they are vulnerable to extinction. The Japanese local performing arts that appear in this recording is no exception, endangered by the declining birth rate and aging population which are typical to the country. (SUGAI KEN)”

I bring the original recordings into conversation with new elements like a ‘monomane’ - tr. imitating – sound game. But when i throw these old and new figurines together on the podium, the objects immediately disappear in the cracks of the stage wood. Thus only the understament of the suggestion remains. And relentlessly the significance of every movement now becomes a question.



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