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VARIOUS ARTISTS One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer Part 3

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モダン・イタロ・ディスコ、シンセサイザー・ダンス、加速する多幸感。RUNNING BACK周辺のアーチストたちによる「One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer」シリーズ。

「ツバメ一匹で、夏の到来を告げたとはいえない」という諺をタイトルに2019年にSTORKEN、ZOMBIES IN MIAMI、ALAN DIXON、HOKAIIDO AKA ROBERT DIEZたちが参加してスタートとしたオムニバスシリーズの第3弾。ベルリンのCYRK、GANDU RECORDS、SMALLVILLE RECORDSのSNAD、イタリアのVOON、FOOT JOBからリリースしているLUKAS LEHMANN。レトロなイタロやネオトランス的なアプローチをベースに加速するサイケデリック、実験的なエレクトロニック、複合リズム、リズミックな冒険。ダンストラックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.CYRK - Italo Bladesample
A2.SNAD - The Most Euphoric Moment Of My Lifesample
B1.VOON - Brandosample
B2.LUKAS LEHMANN - Juno Cuts A Capersample

A chirp, a wine and a gurgle are the sounds that make the song of swallow. You won’t find any of them on here though. The third installment of this sampler series features well-rounded dance and prance material instead. Four artists, four hits. Berlin duo Cyrk pay tribute to their favorite Sunday parties with Italo Blade. Barely hidden by its name, it cuts right through any heart of stone with aural infatuation and elation. Portraying the best moment in someone’s life after a gig at the infamous Papaya Playa Project, Smallville records associate Snad, delivers a skippy and irresistible MPC jam that makes one want to whistle along. The baroque effect and element of Voon’s music is a given. The Italian duo made that clear with Rose in Japan and is able to repeat the trick with Brando. Like Rondo Veneziano at a rave, it’s larger than life and happily jumping over the inhibition gate of restraint. Finally, Lukas Lehmann takes the boiling pot off the stove. Juno Cuts A Caper is an ode to synthesizer number six of the renowned Roland series and a masterclass in simmering down. All in all: fun, fun, fun.



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